Thursday, March 5, 2015

Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef

For some of us, it can be difficult to picture our 4th grade boys being ready to handle campfire cooking (beyond weenie roasts and s'mores).  The thought of them starting fires can be a bit daunting, as well... but there is a part of me that knows our boys will step up to the challenge and shine.

The Cast Iron Chef Adventure Pin lets them do just that.  This adventure for Webelos is centered around campfires, cooking, food safety, nutrition... and even on making and sticking with a budget.

I am excited to see what these guys come up with as they earn this pin.

The Requirements for Cast Iron Chef pin are listed below:

Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef

1. At an approved time in an outdoor location and using tinder, kindling, and fuel
wood, demonstrate how to build a fire; light the fire, unless prohibited by local fire
restrictions. After allowing the flames to burn safely, safely extinguish the flames
with minimal impact to the fire site.

2. Set personal nutritional goals. Keep a food journal for one week; review your journal to
determine if the goals were met.

3. Plan a menu for a balanced meal for your den or family. Determine the budget for the meal.  Shop for the items on your menu while staying within your budget.

4. Prepare a balanced meal for your den or family; utilize one of the methods below for
preparation of part of your meal:
a. Camp stove
b. Dutch oven
c. Box oven
d. Solar oven
e. Open campfire or charcoal

5. Demonstrate an understanding of food safety practices while preparing the meal.

I love looking at the progression through the ranks... how the responsibilities grow with the boys.  These are the rites of passage I think that so many young boys need as they grow into young men.

Check out our Cast Iron Chef Pinterest Board for ways to implement this adventure:

Follow Cub Scout's board Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef on Pinterest.

* Always teach responsibly and make parents aware of things that have been (or will be) covered, so that they may set their own rules for home use of such knowledge.  

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